Empowering students like you to lead a Christ-centered worship and prayer event on your campus.

Develop Your

Work with an
Enlightened Coach.

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Once you've signed up, the only cost to lead an Enlightened event is the cost of an Enlightened Tee! Coaching sessions, a guidebook, promo resources, and more are included for developing your plan.

Lead Your

Participate in your
Enlightened event!

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You and your Enlightened Team will participate in your Enlightened event by leading worship, sharing testimony, leading prayer, and building community in your school. Virtual events are pre-recorded for a livestream experience!

Establish Your Community

See a movement
start in your school!

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After your Enlightened event, the Prayer Leader on your Enlightened Team will help you establish a regular time to pray for your school using the Campus Prayer app. See a movement of positive change spread in your school that starts with prayer! Go to claimyourcampus.com for more information!

Christians on your campus should be united in reaching your school for Christ. Enlightened Students can help!

The Enlightened Students Story


+ - Who makes up an Enlightened Team?

An Enlightened Team consists of 3 Team Leaders and 1 adult Church Leader who work together to prepare and lead one Enlightened event for a specific school. There is 1 Event Leader, Worship Leader, and as many prayer leaders from other schools as recruited by the Prayer Leader. 

We strongly encourage that students are the ones on stage, not adults. Your team is given leadership during every Enlightened event! 

+ - What does each Team Leader do?

The Event LeaderThis leader recruits and leads a team of students from their school, is a spokesperson for Enlightened Students on social media and to their school, and shares their testimony during their Enlightened event.

The Prayer Leader: This leader recruits prayer leaders from surrounding schools to participate in their event, leads a time of prayer on stage, and starts a CYC prayer group for their school and/or implements the Campus Prayer app into an already existing campus ministry. 

The Worship Leader: This leader leads a worship team and worship songs for students to engage with during their Enlightened event.
+ - Is there a cost to leading an Enlightened event?

The only cost to lead an Enlightened event is the cost of an Enlightened Tee ($20)! Coaching sessions, a guidebook, promo resources, and more are included for every Enlightened Team as you develop your plan. 

+ - What is the time commitment for leading an Enlightened event?

Each Enlightened Team gets notified of their event date at the beginning of every semester. They will work specifically to plan, prepare, and execute their event for one month leading up to their event date with an Enlightened Coach. 

Enlightened Coaches initially meet with each Enlightened Team to ‘Develop Your Plan’ over a Zoom call. Event Leaders schedule 2 Team meetings leading up to the event to check-in and communicate with each leader. Promotion and planning can be as much of a time commitment as each Enlightened Team wants to give in their schedules. It is recommended to give a minimum 1-2 hours towards promoting your event each week leading up to your event.

+ - Can I lead an in-person Enlightened event at my school?

In-person gatherings are up for discussion. Depending on safety regulations and location, Enlightened Students may possibly help you plan a physical gathering. Contact us at info@enlightenedstudents.com if you have interest in an event at your school.

+ - What if my school has an existing Christian club?

Great! If you have a Christian club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Youth For Christ, or any other kind of Christian ministry, we want to partner with what God is already doing in your school! Enlightened events are great platforms to promote what is happening at your school. Tell people how they can get involved at your Enlightened event by promoting any existing ministry you are involved with! The goal is to establish a Christian community through your Enlightened event.

We partner with Claim Your Campus because besides being a powerful movement, it is a great prayer resource for any existing campus ministry. FCA groups, YFC groups, and other Christian clubs use the Campus Prayer app to lead a time of devoted prayer for their school. Once your Enlightened event is over, implement this app into your school no matter if you already have a group or are starting a CYC prayer group for the very first time! 

Learn more about this prayer movement HERE

+ - How do I start a Claim Your Campus prayer group?

Download the Campus Prayer app, invite 2 friends to join you 1x a week at your school (or on Zoom) for prayer, and use the app to pray for change! 

This isn’t necessarily a club. It is a movement of prayer that is simple but effective. God is calling students all across the country to pray with us on the Campus Prayer app. Join the movement today! CLICK HERE for more information. 

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