Empowering students like you to lead a Christ-centered worship and prayer event on your campus.

Develop Your

Work with an
Enlightened Coach.

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Once you've signed up, the only cost to lead an Enlightened event is the cost of an Enlightened Tee! Coaching sessions, a guidebook, promo resources, and more are included for developing your plan.

Lead Your

Participate in your
Enlightened event!

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You and your Enlightened Team will participate in your Enlightened event by leading worship, sharing testimony, leading prayer, and building community in your school.

Establish Your Community

See a movement
start in your school!

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After your Enlightened event, the Prayer Leader on your Team will help you establish a regular time to gather and pray for your school using the Claim Your Campus app. See a movement continue in your school after your event because of prayer! Go to claimyourcampus.com to learn more.

Christians on your campus should be united in reaching your school for Christ. Enlightened Students can help!

The Enlightened Students Story


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