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a student-led worship movement in high schools.



Providing students the tools to connect their peers with Christ in their schools.


Christ-centered worship and prayer events.



Christians are called the light in the world because of Christ in us. Matthew 5:13-16 says…


We believe young people are called to influence their peers! They are called to greater things…


Schools are important mission fields because many may never walk into a church to hear the Gospel…


Our Vision

Enlightened Students exists to equip high school students to lead the way for positive change in schools across America. After every Enlightened event, students start engaging in a ministry at their school to live out their call to be a light day by day. Enlightened Students has partnered with Claim Your Campus to see 1 million students praying for change in their schools everyday and promotes CYC at every Enlightened event as a powerful call to action.


How to Support

We need prayer warriors to commit to pray regularly for our Enlightened event teams. When students step out in faith to lead this worship event in their school, we understand they are ‘walking targets’ for the devil to try and combat what they are doing for God’s Kingdom. Please join us in praying for these amazing students. Sign up here to be notified for Prayer Updates from our Event Leaders:





“We spend SO MUCH of our time in school- and therefore it’s the perfect mission field. We literally open up our school and call on Him to come in and He does in so many ways through Enlightened Students!”



“If you want God to move and work in your school, then do Enlightened because His hand is on this ministry. The event will help you identify the Christian leaders in your school and catapult people into the roles God has for them to do within the school.”



“God moved mountains at this event, oh my goodness! I cannot event express how much passion and growth that this event brought to our school.”

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“God was able to use what we gave…

as a way to speak to my peers.”

- Emma / Illinois / Worship Leader

live it out!

“For once you were full of darkness, but now you have light from the Lord. So live as people of light!”

Ephesians 5:8