#EnlightenedByronCenter in Michigan.

#EnlightenedByronCenter in Michigan.


we believe students are influencers.

We believe young people are called to influence their peers! They are called to greater things than many give them credit for. Throughout history, God has called young people to do great things to grow God’s Kingdom on earth. David beat Goliath when he was probably 17 years old. The disciples were likely teenagers when Jesus called them to follow Him…

Today, we have seen young leaders lead hundreds of their peers in worship IN their schools. People like Haeli in Missouri who shared her testimony in front of her school , AJ in Ohio who helped 10 different schools organize their own CYC prayer groups, Tristian in Illinois who encouraged his peers to, “Pray in the hard times, pray in the great times as well. Praise the Lord!” These are just some of the amazing things we see God doing through Enlightened Students.

We believe in young people. They have influence. They have power. Their peers are watching and listening… why would we not equip an influential generation as they are “making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:16)?