#EnlightenedGrandville in Michigan.

#EnlightenedGrandville in Michigan.


schools are mission FIELDS.

Schools are important mission fields because many may never walk into a church to hear the Gospel.

Having met many students across the nation who want to see positive change in their school, we asked them what the most prominent ‘issue’ they see at their school. We have heard students say cliques, judgement, racism, substance abuse, bullying, teenage pregnancies, pornography addictions, disrespect for authors, and violence. These issues are alarming and invade the halls of our schools. We believe Christ wants to save students from this darkness. He is calling them to light.

We work with students to rent their schools’ auditorium space because it makes a statement that we want Christ to touch our school campuses! Students invite Him to change their school by standing in it to worship and pray to Him. If you want to invest in the future of Enlightened events, help pay the way for a student to rent their auditorium space for their Enlightened event HERE.