Our Story


It all started when…

“I felt God call me to lead a worship event at my school the summer before my senior year of high school. A group of 11 other high school students and I decided to take on the challenge to invite hundreds of people to our school auditorium for a student led night of music, testimony, and prayer. We decided the event would be called Enlightened. We wanted our school to know we were the salt and light in our generation (Matt. 5:13-16).

At a school of 1200 in Michigan, Enlightened Students was birthed from its first Enlightened event at Byron Center High School. When we opened the doors for our event on October 5, 2014, the room filled of 600 students people ready to worship even though they were unaware of what this ‘Enlightened event’ actually was. That night we saw students make a wide variety of commitments to be a light for God at their school everyday. We believed having this event in our school was significant because that was the mission field we felt called to as students.

God started opening doors as soon as the first event happened. He exceeded our expectations of how many would show up to Byron Center and how many responded afterwards. Two more schools wanted to host an Enlightened event in Michigan and Missouri. When I was asked to help lead these events, I realized this was bigger than myself and bigger than my school.

When I graduated from high school, God made it very clear that there was one high school student out there who would continue this ministry. He was calling high schoolers to lead these events in their schools, not any adult or big organization. Enlightened Students was relaunched in the fall of 2015 when a sophomore from Indiana felt God calling her to lead an Enlightened event. After hundreds showed up to worship and pray at her school, more students joined the movement across the midwest area.

Enlightened Students has reached thousands of students across the U.S. as young people lead their peers in worship and prayer, devoting one night to ask God to change their schools by using the Christians He placed there!

There are now 7 Enlightened Students Ambassadors who promote, create, and market Enlightened Students across the nation. We recruit high school students to join the movement and then we get to attend Enlightened events to support how God is using young influencers to shine His light! It never got old.”

-Olivia Eckart, Founder of Enlightened Students


The OG Enlightened Team

Bryon Center High School in 2014


Relaunch of Enlightened Students

Marion High School in 2015

Enlightened Students Today